Digital Smile Design

Looking for the smile of your dreams? Then stop dreaming and come to Main Street Dental! Our experienced dentist can use digital smile design in Weatherford, Texas, to help you get the smile you want. If you would like to learn how, read below or call us today at 817-458-9900!

Some of the benefits of digital smile design are:

  • Highly detailed diagnoses

  • Clear information and communication

  • Visual representation of results

  • Less time and money spent on treatment

Digital smile design allows us to customize your treatment so everything we do works towards your cosmetic and oral health goals. Making your own individualized treatment plan involves a few simple steps that our team will complete with you:

  1. First, we capture digital images of your teeth and surrounding oral structures using state-of-the-art scanning technology.

  2. You and our dentist will then review the images to discuss possible treatments and their benefits.

  3. Once a treatment plan has been decided on, we will make a digital model that to simulate treatment, allowing you to see what your smile will look like and make any adjustments to the plan you would like.

Once a treatment plan has been made, Drs. Sarkar , Basrai, Sidhu and Kulkarni will work with you to turn the plan into action and your smile into the beautiful result you are looking for.

Ready to start your new smile?

Then contact us today! Our team loves giving you a reason to smile, and we are ready for whatever your smile goals may be.